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Streamlined Supply Chain
Solutions with Send 1-2-3

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Supplier Management and Quality Control

We can take charge of supplier management, conducting rigorous quality control inspections ensuring the highest level of product quality.

Cargo shipping

Seamless Logistics Organization

Our team can expertly organize your logistics, ensuring products are moved swiftly and efficiently.

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Convenient, Easy to Manage 90 Day Repayment Terms

Enjoy favorable repayment terms of up to 90 days, enabling you to manage your finances more efficiently and effectively.

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Supplier Payments

Once your purchase orders are approved, we make direct payments to your suppliers on their terms, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

The Old Way

Purchase Order Financing (Factoring)

Purchase Order (PO) Factoring in its purest form is a type of commercial lending that allows a business to receive financing for a pre-ordered project using the purchase order from their client as collateral. The inherent problems with this model are Three-fold.

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The factoring company requires contact with the customer directly and must perform credit due diligence on that customer.


The factoring company requires the customer to pay them directly then they forward you what’s left.


The factoring company does not assist in the shipping and logistics; quality control nor customer service.

These problems within this model are very invasive upon your business. It breaks the golden rule of supplier/customer confidentiality and puts your clients’ in an uncomfortable situation. It further erodes the trust between you and your client.

The New Way

Purchase Order Financing Made Simple:

With the Send 1-2-3 trade credit supply program, we make the onboarding easy and we don't cause any friction with your customers.

Experience a seamless supply chain process with Send 1-2-3

NO personal credit checks

NO hard credit checks on your business

NO lien registrations

NO security required

NO customer contact

NO equity dilution

Minimal Documentation

We pay your supplier 100% of Purchase Order value

You pay us in 90 days or less

How it works

Let Send 1-2-3 be your new supplier and provide you with trade credit payment terms


SEND your irrevocable purchase order to us on your company letterhead


SEND us your supplier invoice with us as the payee


We will SEND payment to your supplier and you pay us later

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Easy approval underwriting process

We establish a credit limit for each client up front and you can place as many orders as you like until you have maxed out your limit. The approval is as easy as 1-2-3:


In order to get your business approved, simply complete our 5-minute application form.


We submit this information to our underwriting team, and they do a basic review, KYC and due diligence on your business.


Approvals can be as fast as 1-3 business days, but typically we average 10-14 days on the first order. Subsequent orders are funded within 1 business day up to the maximum approved credit limit.

Note: While a D-U-N-S (Dun and Bradstreet) number is not mandatory, it would speed up the verification process.

* Subject to Send 1-2-3 approval, and policies and conditions. This is not a loan or line of credit. We act as your supplier, we pay for the product inventory and we offer you payment terms.

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Send 1-2-3 Order Finance Process

Let Send 1-2-3 be your new supplier and provide you with Trade Credit payment terms

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Our Fees

For providing these services, we charge a nominal mark-up on the original supplier purchase order cost. The mark-up is added to the cost of the original purchase order and the re-payment from you doesn’t occur for up to 90 days after delivery. There is no up-front out of pocket expenses or fees on your part. Here’s how we earn our management fee:

Administrative support for supplier orders

Supplier liaison and oversight

3rd party supplier payments

Quality control and 3rd party inspection (where and when applicable)

Organize freight and delivery, either to you or direct to your customer (Optional - extra fees may apply)

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Transforming Businesses:

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With Send 1-2-3, Unlock the Full Potential of Your Business Today!

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